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Web Design Requirement

Answer following simple questions to describe your web design requirements
Following questions are only to get your vision of the required design, so that our team can support you better.
It is not neccessary to answer any of these questions, but recommended.
Try to be close to your thoughts of your design while selecting answers.
You can mention in your comments that you like to see some variations on it too.
You can leave any question/option to our designer choice and creativity too.
Examples shown with questions are only examples and final result may not be the same.
Our designers will give weight to your feedback through this form, but if require may also provide some variation, where we feel neccessary for the site.
You are welcome to send us any suggestion to improve this questions or examples.
1- Select your preffered Border Style:

1- Straight Corners

2- Round Corners

3- Straight Corners with Borders

4- Round Corners with Borders

Any Comments or Instructions for Border Style:

2- Layout Structure

1- Main Frame (No column website)

2- Two column website

3- Three column website  

4- Row based website structure

5- Your own designed structure (Please specify in comments box)

Any Comments or Instructions Website Layout Style:

3- Website Dimensions / Size
1- 800x600
2- 1024x768
3- 1280x1024
4- Dimension Independent: Flexible / Screen Adjustable / Full Screen size
5- Not Sure

Any Comments or Instructions for Website Dimensions:

4- Color Schemes / Theme Type

1- Light Shades

2- Dark Shades

3- Corporate Colors

4- Select Site Primary and Secondary Colors (color picker)
Click here for Primary color:

Click here for Secondary color:


Any Comments or Instructions for Color Theme:

5- Website Font Style

1- Normal and Corporate Fonts

2- Cursive Fonts

3- Stylish Fonts with Effects

4- Artistic Fonts

Any Comments or Instructions for Special Fonts
(Please Sspecify Font Names Here) :

6- Header Style:

1- Full over Half Page Header 

2- Short Header on top 

3- Individual Headers for all pages of the website i.e. (about us with about us picture banner)

4- Customized Header in limited dimensions. (Please specify in comment box)

Any Comments or Instructions for Header Style:

7- Navigation Style

1- Horizontal Navigation

2- Vertical Navigation

3- Top with Navigation with drop down menus 

4- Left / Vertical Navigation with drop down menus

5- Do you like to have flash based menu? Yes No (Click Checkbox for Yes and Ignore for NO)

Any Comments or Instructions for Navigation Style:

8- User Information

Full Name:
Website Name:
Business Domain:

9- Security Code

Enter Security Code:

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