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A manageable and measurable implementation of a software project requires a process and methodologies to be followed. Software Industry provides various methodologies for Software and Web development. Many of them are really good.

We believe in results and delivery within budget and time. And also coping with the constant change of requirements, that is a very vital dilemma of softwares and web development due to continuous changes in business requirements.

We live in a dynamic world and to get success we also need to be dynamic. So keeping in view all the aspects, we practice the best-suited methodology of eXtreme Programming, custom variation for offshore and outsource development.
Extreme Programming is like,

  Start by setting up the rules that you believe you can make work
  Then observing the emerging results
  Add a rule
  Delete a rule
  Change a rule
  Observe again

That's how it provides a flexible methodology with contineous improvement, that suits the current tough deadline's schedules and makes it possible for us to deliver within time.

Extreme Programming is a Agile / Light Methodology. It doesn't enforce hard and fast steps to follow, which can easily crumble the project; so it emphasizes on building the rules and improving as you proceed. It also includes the good aspects of Iterative Development Model. That brings in the client input into the project at appropriate time, which builds confidence and success step by step.

Progress and management require measurements. And measurements come from processes. That's why we follow realistic development methodology to improve, progress, manage and deliver high quality products and services.

We never believe in saying "We are the best". We believe to prove.


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